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Short-Term Rentals (STRs) are Causing Cities and Counties to Re-Think Their Restrictions

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AIRBNB, VRBO, and Other Short-Term Rentals (STRs) Uses Continue to Escalate Causing Cities, Counties and HOAs to Make Regulations or Outright Restrictions Before We Lose Our Neighborhoods

Transitory residencies, also known as STRs are expanding and growing everywhere we look.  Internet based services like AIRBNB, VRBO, help owners rent out their properties on a short-term basis for a small percentage fee.  Many owners, especially those on fixed income budgets see this as an opportunity to have an additional income stream save for the personal privacy issue they must grapple with.  Moreover, with the current housing shortage in the San Francisco Bay Area most local jurisdictions welcome any additional avenue of increased housing including STRs and accessory dwelling units ADUs, notwithstanding the potential frictions caused by them within the neighborhood they reside in.

Is Your Real Estate Investment Strategy Creating Too Much Risk?

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After performing a comprehensive and exhaustive analysis and identifying realty as your next investment, one of the most important tasks real property investors can do before pursuing an investment strategy is to determine the risks associated with it.  It’s virtually impossible to completely avoid risks so the more you can understand about your investment by conducting due diligence, the more you learn about your risk strategy and mitigation options, the better your chances will be of making a successful and profitable investment.  Doing homework, asking many questions, and performing comprehensive investigations are just some of the things that needs to be done before you pull the trigger.  Just winging it is not a strategy.

Investors – Google’s New Campus Is Poised to Revitalize Downtown San Jose – Are You Ready?

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With Google’s announcement of a planned new campus in San Jose, California, investment property managers are cautiously optimistic about the opportunities that may soon become available.  The plan is for Google to build an impressive eight-million square foot campus, which is about eight times as much as the office space currently available in San Jose.  The transaction is not yet finalized because there are many details to be ironed out due to the sheer magnitude of the project.  The entire downtown core of San Jose will be revitalized and expanded to reach levels that were never previously imagined.  Small investors should be proactive and start to search out deal and be ready to make a move if you truly want to benefit from this large-scale development project.  If nothing else, start with investigation and due diligence of any and all properties surrounding the proposed project – your real estate education IQ could be improved just by this step alone.

Is it Possible that Accessory Dwelling Units Could Solve California’s Housing Crisis?

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The combination of rising home prices, a shortage of available homes and a new California state ordinance for “Accessory Dwelling Units – ADUs” may lead to the resurrection of a robust inventory of granny units, also known as ADUs.  ADUs are nothing new; they have been built for centuries but are not all that well known – most people call them granny units.  However, due to strict local regulations like parking restrictions, cost prohibitive permitting costs, feasibility of connecting to municipal services, i.e., sewer, water, electricity, residents have historically had significant challenges implementing these buildings onto their properties.  However, there is now a move afoot to simplify and streamline the process of getting ADUs or granny units installed to reduce the chronic housing shortage in certain geographical locations, especially Silicon Valley.

Willowgate: Shave Time Off Your Commute and Enjoy the Benefits of a Community Garden in the Heart of Silicon Valley

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There are many amazing reasons to live in the Silicon Valley and the surrounding areas. A seamless, traffic-free commute is not one of them, though. That’s one huge benefit of investing in Willowgate real estate right in the heart of Mountain View – home to Google. This charming community is located minutes from Central Expressway and Highway 85, Stanford University, as well as near a Caltrain stop which can take you to San Francisco or San Jose along the Peninsula route.  Its outstanding location allows residents to spend less time commuting and more time enjoying the outstanding quality of life in Willowgate.

Solar Panels Provide Ever Increasing Benefits to Non-Owner Occupied Property Owners

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Green technology is the wave of the future, not just in Silicon Valley, but across the globe as well and we can all play a part in improving the environment by utilizing alternative means for generating electricity.  As each individual makes an investment into global preservation by making the decision to include solar panels on their investment properties, or any alternative energy method, they have enforced the greater good principle which we should all consider during our time here on earth.  This especially includes those of us who are lucky enough to own real property improved with structures.  Non-owner occupied property owners are increasingly considering solar energy into their property management plans and for good reason.

Shoreline West: Where Downtown Living Comes at an Affordable Price

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Shoreline West Neighborhood  If you wish to live or invest in real estate near downtown Mountain View, but not exactly in downtown, look no further. Until 1994, Shoreline West was considered to be part of downtown Mountain View. Residents banded together and won approval to form a stand-alone community with its own identity. The resulting Shoreline West enclave is known for its unbeatable location, welcoming and friendly residents, block parties, potlucks and annual special events that foster a sense of community.

Unique Architecture and Picturesque Parks Draw Homeowners and Investors to Slater, Mountain View

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The pleasantly quirky Slater neighborhood was built in the middle 1950s and is known for its diverse residential makeup and unique and varied architectural styles. When you live in Slater, your neighbors will be Google execs, young families and retirees who are the original owners of their homes. As you stroll along the wide, tree-lined streets, you will pass brick duplexes decorated with wagon wheels and charming bungalows reminiscent of farm houses. If you are looking for a distinctive non-cookie cutter community that is minutes from downtown, make sure to consider investing in Slater real estate.

Does Your Small Business Fear Security Breaches, Malware, and Ransomware?  Silicon Valley Systems Has the Solutions for You

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With today’s ever-changing IT environment of ransomware and viruses, of security breaches and ever-increasing threats to your personal and business data, it is more important than ever to have a professional and reliable data backup system in place.  However, it is no longer good enough to just have a local backup solution that copies all your data to a hard drive connected to your computer.  Ransomware will, during infection, not only encrypt your data but any drive connected to that computer.  It will also try to infect any network shares on your local network.  Another problem with a local backup is preparing for disaster recovery. As we have seen very recently with the fires in Marin, everything can be destroyed, including your backups if they are kept in the same building as your computers.

Quality Residential Cleaning Services are Few and Far Between, But We Found One

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The neighborhood social media site NextDoor and other neighborhood bulletin board sites are constantly bombarded with the question “Can someone please refer a Quality Residential Cleaning Service.”  The fact of the matter is most cleaning services are mismanaged and don’t have employees who are properly trained or supervised.  Even though a company or cleaner may start out doing a good job, inevitably there will come a time when the company disappoints for several reasons.  Searching high and low for several years we used many different services but did not settle on one company until we met Maria Flores of High Quality House Cleaning, LLC in Sunnyvale, CASilicon Valley Property Management Group now uses HQHC exclusively and couldn’t be happier.  In fact, in addition to being a great company HQHC is a Santa Clara County Certified Green Cleaning Company, and they are also a fully sanctioned Woman Owned Minority Business.

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