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How Property Managers Can Legally Prohibit Smoking in Rental Properties

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

An owner of rental property including single-family residences and multi-unit apartment buildings can legally prohibit smoking in and around their properties just like they can prohibit pets, too many guests, or too much noise.

In addition to the obvious health related reasons and rationale for eliminating smoking in rental units by reducing or preventing exposure to secondhand smoke, a no-smoking policy can also reduce risks of fire which may lead to reduced insurance premiums for the properties. 

Property Manager Education about Carbon Monoxide Detectors is Critical

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odorless, invisible gas produced when any fuel such as natural gas, kerosene, wood, oil or even common barbecue charcoal is burned.   At high levels without proper ventilation carbon monoxide can kill humans in a very short period of time, even after just a few minutes.  Moreover, there is credible research that acute exposure or poisoning by carbon monoxide can cause chronic health effects such as lethargy, severe headaches, amnesia, psychosis, concentration problems, memory impairment, personality alterations, and even Parkinson’s disease.

New Shared Fence Law Effects Property Managers and Rental Property Management Companies

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

Have you ever heard “Good fences make good neighbors?”  Now, adjoining landowners are statutorily equally responsible for shared fences and boundary fences pursuant to California Civil Code Section 841 which took effect January 1, 2014.  Adjoining or contiguous landowners are now faced with a presumption that because they share an equal benefit of a shared or boundary fence that they are equally responsible for the reasonable costs of construction, maintenance, or necessary replacement of the fence.   Property managers or rental property management companies whose clients’ properties are affected by this new law must be mindful of the change and be aware of the procedural requirements dictated by the state legislature.

How To Teminate Your Property Management Company

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

If you are the least bit concerned about the management of your investment property ,remember the old adage, “Where there is smoke, there is fire!”  Nine times out of ten when there is a significant lack of communication, if the results in your monthly statements continue to disappoint, and if your property manager has overpromised and under-delivered, it is time to say good-bye.

Property Management, Investment Property Tax Deductions, and Tax Strategies for Real Estate Professionals

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

The cost of hiring a property management company to handle investment properties is significantly less than most property owners believe.  Investment property owners who manage their own property with the idea that property management costs are too much might be mistaken as to the actual real costs.

Additionally, a large percentage of property owners do not take advantage of all of the tax strategies available to them.  For example, if a property owner manages their investment portfolio out of their home office there may be some business related items they are not expensing.  Interest in all forms including mortgage interest, equity lines of credit interest, and any business loan interest are all expenses which are typically deductible.  Losses like casualties, disasters, and thefts are expenses which properly accounted for are deductible.

The most overlooked deduction is depreciation on investment properties, and for real estate professionals as defined by IRC 179, an investment property owner can supercharge their depreciation deductions.  To maximize one’s return on investment each property owner should educate themselves about tax strategies, and thoroughly evaluate their entire tax planning roadmap with a tax attorney or competent certified public accountant.

How a Property Manager Can be Prepared When They Get Sued

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

Withholding of a tenant’s security deposit is probably the number one reason a property manager can end up on the other end of a lawsuit or even in court.

There are many precautions and procedures which a prudent property management company or property manager can implement which will help prevent this situation from occurring.  Moreover, a property management course or continuing education in the nuances of proper statutory procedures can go a long way in preventing a lawsuit and subsequent lost time, energy and even money.  Finally, an owner is responsible for the acts of a property manager and could find themselves in court as well if the property manager has violated the law, has not properly counseled the owner or properly handled the tenant’s security deposit.

Go Green with Your Rental Property for Maximum Benefits

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

If you are planning any renovations to your investment or rental properties in the near future you should consider going as green as possible.  Improving your investment property’s Eco Performance has monetary and intangible benefits as well.  You can ask your property management to help you along with using some of the helpful information in this quick guide.

Property Managers Are Important For Maximum Return On Investment

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

When buying an asset investment property, the most important decision is whether or not to hire a professional property manager to manage the property or to manage it yourself.

Most landlords have professional property managers manage their income or investment properties.  It makes sense, correct?  An investment property is a precious asset – just like 100,000 shares of a Fortune 500 company.  Unless your profession is property management it is likely that you would not be as efficient or knowledgeable as someone who made property management their business.

Welcome to Silicon Valley Property Management Group!

Written by David Roberson, Esq. on . Posted in Property Management

Silicon Valley Property Management Group was founded with the intent of becoming a provider of world-class service in the property management business. Our innovative business model integrates the latest technological advances to dramatically improve the customer service and management disciplines of the property management industry at a local level. This professional approach and our commitment to maximizing the property owner’s return on investment makes us one of the most respected and trusted local property management companies.

Importantly, Silicon Valley Property Management Group is a full service real estate company serving all of the real estate needs of all clients including property and asset management, property and asset investment, real estate sales, real estate development, and strategic planning.

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