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Quality Residential Cleaning Services are Few and Far Between, But We Found One

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The neighborhood social media site NextDoor and other neighborhood bulletin board sites are constantly bombarded with the question “Can someone please refer a Quality Residential Cleaning Service.”  The fact of the matter is most cleaning services are mismanaged and don’t have employees who are properly trained or supervised.  Even though a company or cleaner may start out doing a good job, inevitably there will come a time when the company disappoints for several reasons.  Searching high and low for several years we used many different services but did not settle on one company until we met Maria Flores of High Quality House Cleaning, LLC in Sunnyvale, CASilicon Valley Property Management Group now uses HQHC exclusively and couldn’t be happier.  In fact, in addition to being a great company HQHC is a Santa Clara County Certified Green Cleaning Company, and they are also a fully sanctioned Woman Owned Minority Business.

Common Errors and Inadequacies with Inexperienced Cleaners are Easy to Spot

Some common errors typical of small residential cleaning services often include but are not limited to lack of proper training, lack of preparation, lack of proper application, and lack of proper management.  Time, effort and energy invested into an organization usually pays big rewards with the products the organization produces, and it is equally true for the cleaning business.

Training, Management, and Professionalism Don’t Just Happen

Practically speaking, to have domain expertise within any field usually takes years of practice, dedication, and the desire to continuously learn as technologies and understanding evolves.  We can compare across industries and/or professions with an example of using the following two hypothetical scenarios: (1) would a legal intern take on a law firm’s largest client’s trial, or (2) would a medical resident without specialization be expected to attempt brain surgery?  Although these are extreme examples, i.e., the intern, or resident practitioner might be better than nothing, or the only alternative in the case of an emergency.  However, the results are likely to be less than ideal in either situation. These would not be considered best practices.  A more desirable scenario might be in either situation to have the performance of people regarded as top professionals in their fields. The primary reason for this is to reduce inherent risks, and to avoid potentially unexpected outcomes that waste our most precious resources, and our time.

Applying this principle to residential home cleaning and the common errors associated with proper training, preparation, and the proper application thereof it would then make sense to align residential assets, especially high value assets to professionally trained, prepared and experienced cleaners. This way we are diligent by not introducing any additional risks, or presenting scenarios or situations that can affect the asset, or owner’s time.

Damaged High-End Appliances, Expensive Rugs, and Scratched Floors Happen

History and experience have shown that expensive rugs and high-end appliances can be damaged by the improper application of the wrong or poor equipment, or worse solvents. This is a direct result into poor preparation and training.  Often independent “cleaners,” or “day laborers” are quite willing to partake in their best effort to perform a cleaning job, and often at lower than market prices.  However, what can be challenging is the empowerment of an individual whom may not be familiar with the proper techniques, or whom does not possess the proper equipment to efficiently execute an assignment at the property owner’s level of expectation.

Traits of Quality Organizations Apply to Cleaning Companies

Traits to look for in professional residential cleaners should include: enjoyment of their work, and by this it should be genuine enthusiasm for organizing with internal inspiration.  Professional cleaners should also be courteous, and have genuine good will.  A person working for a company and within someone else’s residence, whether it is a primary residence or a rental property, it’s important that they bring positive energy with them; servitude is grace.  Residential cleaners are essentially under the employ of the homeowner directly or indirectly.  So, keeping this in mind as with any other business engagement it’s imperative to seek out quality service, which will perform and execute the agreement to the complete satisfaction of the homeowner.

High Quality House Cleaning, LLC is a True Professional Cleaning Organization

Maria Flores started High Quality House Cleaning, LLC (HQHC) in 1999 and is a fully insured, bonded professional residential and commercial cleaning service.  HQHC services properties throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula and their clients include but are not limited to homeowners, property management companies, commercial building owners, business owners, and investors.  In addition to typical cleaning services HQHC performs carpeting cleaning, window cleaning, and housekeeping.  You can find HQHC’s website  at,  on Facebook at; and on LinkedIN at



David Roberson, Esq.

David Roberson, Esq.

David is a licensed real estate attorney, a licensed real estate broker, and has been involved in the real estate business since he graduated from college in 1986. David has personally been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, has personally inspected over 2,500 residential properties, 12 million square feet of new commercial construction, and is an expert in 12 separate building code categories. David and his wife Shelly have owned a personal portfolio of investment properties in several states including the bay area since 1998. David currently is the broker/owner of Silicon Valley Property Management Group (SVPMG) which manages 150+ client properties on the San Francisco Peninsula. Trust, transparency, and performance guarantees are the foundation of SVPMG. David challenges anyone to find a PM company that offers services similar to the extensive education, customer service, and performance guarantees provided by SVPMG. David also provides consulting for his clients on property development feasibility, construction, and complex real estate transactions. David has authored a published law review article, two real estate books, and over 120 real estate blog articles.

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