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SVPMG is a full service Palo Alto property management company that consistently delivers…

  • Shorter Vacancies
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  • Expert & Affordable Maintenance

Our  extensive experience in real estate matters and property management since the late 1970’s, and our commitment to maximizing the property owner’s return on investment makes us one of the most respected and trusted property management companies serving Palo Alto and the greater South Bay.

We have on staff a real estate attorney, a real estate developer and broker, and a marketing manager to bring you more value!

With our professional qualifications, we surpass what most other property managers can do.

  • We maintain your property’s value.
  • We secure your ownership rights.
  • We protect your investment.

And all the while, YOU PROFIT.

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We provide quality commercial and residential property management services for Palo Alto and surrounding areas.

About Palo Alto

Living in Palo Alto, California (The Tall Tree)

Established in late 1880’s by Leland Stanford Sr. Palo Alto, California has been described as the modern day “epic-center” of high-technology discovery and innovation. Palo Alto and the immediate surrounding communities comes complete with the finest weather, one of the world’s finest universities, an astonishingly culturally and economically diverse population, the world’s most technologically advanced economy, and some of the most famous and wealthiest companies in the world including Apple Computer, Hewlett-Packard, Tesla Motors, Skype, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Logitech, Intuit, Sun Microsystems, Pinterest, and PayPal. Menlo Park, which is known as Palo Alto’s little next door neighbor, is home to some of the world famous venture capital firms occupying a large stretch of Sand Hill Road – ¼ mile from Stanford University.   The area is a haven of educated people from all over the world enjoying the intellectual synergy that emanates from Stanford University and the surrounding high-technology companies and employees seemingly everywhere one goes in the city.

One of the most expensive cities in the United States Palo Alto has approximately 65,000 residents whom are considered some of the most educated people per capita in the world. Located within the Palo Alto borders, Stanford University is the city’s largest employers with more than 10,000.

Downtown Palo Alto along University Avenue provides residents, visitors, and commuters the hustle and bustle of a metro avenue with ample opportunities to explore all of the latest shops and amenities. The eclectic group of restaurants along the downtown corridor offer every imaginable international delicious cuisine available in the marketplace. The diverse cultural population in downtown Palo Alto makes one feel as if the entire world community resided here.

Palo Alto Neighborhoods

Real Estate Investing in Palo Alto

Palo Alto’s nexus with Stanford University is one of its greatest assets.  A large percentage of residents of surrounding neighborhoods are university students, professors, or employees (Stanford is largest Palo Alto employer).  From all of Palo Alto residents can walk, bike or jog to Stanford University, El Camino Real, California Avenue (Palo Alto’s 2nd Downtown), and Stanford’s famous Dish hiking trail.  Notwithstanding owner-occupied properties, this geographical advantage for Palo Alto makes it an ideal location for real estate investors looking for long-term buy and hold properties. As long as Stanford University remains a world class university the city, buildings, and development surrounding it will continue to thrive, prosper, and succeed.

In the past the city had been primarily slower growth oriented but within the last seven to ten years more and more projects have come online and been approved to go forward. These newer projects are pushing the building envelops and allowing owners and developers more leeway with zoning curbs.

An overhaul of the Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan has been on the back burner for several years and recently several council members are pushing an agenda which includes a modification to the zoning ordinance which will take advantage of some state-wide relaxing of restrictions on development. The forward thinking council members would like to require developers to contribute most resources to the city such that the citizens and users of the city will benefit tangentially from new projects and construction.

The writing is on the wall, “Palo Alto will be a Pro-Growth, Pro-Developer” city going forward. To support this proposition one only has to look at Stanford University’s developments, housing, and future projects that surround its campus, notwithstanding the projects that are slated within the massive campus. With Stanford trailblazing the development in the city residents will only have to sit back and marvel at the scope of the investment resources that are currently being poured into the city. The future is only bright and getting brighter for property owners, developers, and investors. Palo Alto is a long-term investment play and people from all over the world have recognized this and are adding to the fire each and every day.

Palo Alto Local Resources

City Government
City Police Department
City Fire Department

City Hospitals

Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital
Stanford Medical Center
Palo Alto Medical Foundation
Palo Alto VA Hospital


Stanford University
Palo Alto Unified School District


Palo Alto Online
Palo Alto Daily News


Parks & Recreation

Other Resources

Family Resources
Historical Resources Board


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