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Community Center Palo Alto – The Neighborhood Name Fit For Its Function

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CCPA Lucie SternIf one were to encounter a neighborhood crafted around the community gathering place a name like “Community Center” would be appropriate.  Community Center Palo Alto is precisely that place.  The Community Center neighborhood almost symmetrically surrounds the Palo Alto Children’s Library, the City of Palo Alto Main Library, the Palo Alto Children’s Theatre, the Palo Alto Junior Museum and Zoo, the Palo Alto Art Center, Rinconada Park (for swimming and tennis), and the Lucie Stern Community Center.  Any day of the week you will see children riding bikes, running around, walking down the streets all around the Community Center.  Kids and families invariably utilize the swimming pool and tennis courts at Rinconada Park.  Community Center neighborhood is a vibrant, lively, and energy filled neighborhood centrally located in desirable Palo Alto.  On your next visit don’t miss an opportunity to drive or walk around this central location of Palo Alto.

CCPA GableCentrally Located And Within Walking Distance Of Downtown Palo Alto

Bounded by Middlefield Road, Embarcadero Road, Newell Road, and Channing Avenue Community Center Palo Alto is not only centrally located, but is an incredibly desirable Palo Alto neighborhood.  Community Center is close enough to downtown such that residents can take an early evening stroll to University Avenue restaurants and other sections of town.  People looking to buy and invest in Palo Alto are consistently looking and asking about Community Center as a great place to own a piece of Palo Alto real estate.

CCPA JMZJunior Museum and Zoo (JMZ) Is A Wonderful Learning Environment In Community Center

The Junior Museum and Zoo (a Blue Star Museum) is a haven for children to explore, create, play and discover hands-on science exhibits, live animals (50 species), and ignite their natural scientific curiosities.  With over 50 species (200 specimens) the zoo has a clever outreach program to all local Palo Alto schools.  The animals include raccoons, bobcats, jungle bats, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, bids, turtles, fresh water fish, invertebrates, and a giant tortoise.  The JMZ offers many different science programs for schools and community groups, classes, summer camps, and birthday parties.  The JMZ is an amazing community asset located in the dead-center of Community Center Palo Alto.

Community Center Boasts About Palo Alto’s Children’s TheatreCCPA Children Theate

The Palo Alto’s Children’s Theatre was designed and began operation in 1932 to nurture the intellectual, artistic, and personal development of children and young adults through multi-arts education, performing opportunities, and extraordinary theatre experiences.  The theatre develops life skills like critical and creative thinking, cooperation and sensitivity to surroundings.  The theatre provides classes and programs designed to provide hands-on learning experiences for kids from age 3 through high school years.  This teaching tool helps develop skills and excellent opportunities to improve knowledge and education in the arts.  There are onsite classes, artistic experiences, and outreach programs of both theatrical productions and dance.

CCPA PoolRinconada Park Is Like A Country Club In The Middle Of Town

Children, families, friends, and all comers are welcomed at Rinconada Pool and Tennis center located within the Community Center neighborhood.  Everyday kids, families, and dozens of people use the facilities as if it were a club.  Come enjoy the pool, the courts, and bask in the sun.

Four Home Clusters Define Community Center Neighborhood

Built 70-90 years ago there are four-home clusters of residences which reside on substandard lots sharing driveways in some sections of Community Center.  These unique clusters define Community Center development and differ from other neighborhoods of Palo Alto.  Many of these homes in Community Center are built on substandard lots which make is difficult to improve and add square footage.  But creative architects and owners have been able to circumvent a lot of the city restrictions and satisfy their desires of a better home.CCPA Home

With the unique amenities available in the Community Center neighborhood housing demand has consistently remained brisk – even in the face of the recent economic downturns.  In 2010 to 2013 the average sales prices jumped from $1,950,000 to $2,820,000.

Top Rated Palo Alto Schools Are Available For Community Center Children

Palo Alto school-aged kids in Community Center attend desirable Palo Alto public schools in the Palo Alto Unified School District.  Families come from all areas of the Bay Area and seek out Palo Alto schools.  Palo Alto schools are richly diverse, have highly-desirable athletic and extra-curricular programs, and the test scores of students are high when compared with other schools in the U.S. [School attendance boundaries are subject to change and individual schools are subject to student body availability.  Verify enrollment status and individual availability with the Palo Alto Unified School District].

CCPA ParkinsonA Long-Term Investment In The Community Center Neighborhood Is A Clear-Cut Winner

Community Center has many owner-occupied residences however the geographical advantage for Community Center to both downtown Palo Alto and Stanford University makes it an ideal location for real estate investors looking for home-run long-term buy and hold strategies for investment property.  Community Center homes are expensive however, their long-term investment continues to pay dividends, increasing equity and a solid foundation for future growth – thus the price point shouldn’t deter a competent investor looking for Palo Alto real estate.

Property owners who rent or lease their Community Center properties should consider hiring an experienced property manager and/or a professional property management company who are competent and savvy of Palo Alto government rules and restrictions can help an investor navigate them with ease.  A professional and competent property manager can help a property owner achieve long-term growth in equity and obtain an above average return-on-investment.

As Stanford University goes so goes Palo Alto and all of its neighborhoods including Community Center. Palo Alto is a world class city, Stanford University continues to remain a world class university, and desirable neighborhoods like Community Center will continue to get even better over time.

CCPA Kids ArtIn addition to being a property management company for Palo Alto, Silicon Valley Property Management Group can answer any questions, develop real estate ideas, and create investment property strategies in Palo Alto or any surrounding Bay Area community.  Community Center Palo Alto is a long-term A+ investment – take time to see how you can make an investment in Palo Alto real estate now.

If you are in need of a property manager for your Palo Alto income property, or if you’re considering purchasing income property in Palo Alto, please consider Silicon Valley Property Management Group. Please read about the unique advantage we bring our Palo Alto property management clients. With a real estate agent, a real estate attorney and a real estate developer on staff, we are also uniquely qualified to assist with your real estate search and purchase needs anywhere in the Silicon Valley (see our staff page for our qualifications).

David Roberson, Esq.

David Roberson, Esq.

David is a licensed real estate attorney, a licensed real estate broker, and has been involved in the real estate business since he graduated from college in 1986. David has personally been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, has personally inspected over 2,500 residential properties, and is an expert in 12 separate building code categories. He has managed a portfolio of real properties in California and Arizona since 1998.
David Roberson, Esq.

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David Roberson, Esq.

David is a licensed real estate attorney, a licensed real estate broker, and has been involved in the real estate business since he graduated from college in 1986. David has personally been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, has personally inspected over 2,500 residential properties, and is an expert in 12 separate building code categories. He has managed a portfolio of real properties in California and Arizona since 1998.

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