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All About Los Gatos and the Rise of Investment Properties

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The incorporated town of Los Gatos may not be known as widely as other areas in Santa Clara County, but it still has plenty to offer. It’s located just 60 miles from San Francisco, merely minutes away from San Jose, 20 minutes to Stanford University and is essentially a vital cog in the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley. The beautiful landscape of Los Gatos is truly unique with a mix of flat topography and low-lying wooded hills with streams, creeks, a reservoir, and nature open space preserves scattered around the town.  Los Gatos is also 15 minutes to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (give yourself more driving time during the summer tourist season).  The Cats, Dio Deko, Los Gatos Lodge, Lexington reservoir, Testarossa Winery, and Netflix all call Los Gatos home.  Permanent residents, renters, rental property owners and investors all find Los Gatos to be attractive in one way or another.  It is by far a phenomenal place to invest in real property as it is as desirable as any enclave in Silicon Valley and continues to grow in both popularity and value on a seemingly daily basis. 

History and Demographics

The history of Los Gatos is incredibly rich, as it is one of the oldest communities in Santa Clara County. It was incorporated in 1887 and the population and acreage has consistently grown since then. It’s difficult to imagine Los Gatos being anything but the high tech, innovative and suburban area it is today, but the history of the town included more farming, logging and milling back in the 20th century.

A contributing factor to the growth and popularity of Los Gatos can be tied to the railroad. The railroad gave Los Gatos residents an easy access point to get to and from San Francisco, while not having to deal with everything that’s involved with living in a big city. Today, Los Gatos has a population of around 30,000 people and is clearly diverse by having a unique mix of commercialization, residential homes and being a tourist attraction, while still holding on to a small-town vibe.

Los Gatos is also famous for being hard-hit in the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake – Loma Prieta is located on the outskirts of Los Gatos city limits along the Highway 35 Los Gatos-Santa Cruz highway.

Los Gatos Is Attractive for All Types of People

There’s no secret as to why Los Gatos attracts people from all different backgrounds and demographics. It’s in a prime location with San Jose and Silicon Valley essentially being in its back yard, so anyone can have a great lifestyle in Los Gatos. In fact, one publication even ranked the city as being the 33rd wealthiest city in the United States. Technology companies and large corporations are constantly moving into the area, which creates jobs and opportunities for residents and anyone wanting to move to the area.

While business leaders and top executives move to the area to enhance their companies, it’s important to understand Los Gatos prides itself on being an access point for these types of people, while also maintaining its reputation of being a self-contained community. There are more than 3,000 businesses in the town, along with plenty of greenbelts, parks and other attractions. The mix of demographics, ages, family sizes, incomes and lifestyle desires make it easy to fit in when you live in Los Gatos.

Netflix World Headquarters

Why You Should Consider Investment Properties in Los Gatos

You don’t have to look very hard to see why Los Gatos is one of the top areas to own an investment property. The city of San Jose has boomed in recent years and is known as a hub for some of the top corporations nationally – worldwide headquarters for internationally renowned Netflix can be found on Winchester Boulevard. With Los Gatos essentially being a part of San Jose, property values have skyrocketed over the years with people flocking to the area. Some people come to the area for job opportunities but stay because they enjoy the lifestyle it provides. Los Gatos is close enough to all the action and opportunities, yet residents can still enjoy the small-town vibe outside of business hours.

As an investor, there may not be a better time than now to look at Los Gatos properties. People are willing to pay a premium to live in the area simply because of the location and the lifestyle offered by the town. If history is any indication, Los Gatos is only going to continue evolving and growing as city leaders understand the unique position it is in with regards to location. And as it continues to be an attraction for tourists in the area, the Town of Los Gatos does its part by making the downtown area vibrant and diverse to attract all backgrounds. Investment properties have been on the rise in Los Gatos for the last several years, and the trend isn’t expected to slow down any time soon. Whether you have an interest in commercial or residential investment properties, there will almost certainly be opportunities for you to pursue in Los Gatos in the foreseeable future.  If you currently own Los Gatos investment property look to SVPMG to provide your Los Gatos property management services.

Our Los Gatos Property Management Group Offers Clients Free Legal Advice

Silicon Valley Property Management Group is dedicated to ensuring investors know exactly what they are getting with their investments. Be sure to contact us to see how we can help with your potential investment or rental property in Los Gatos and the surrounding cities.  There is no better Los Gatos property management company in the South Bay area.  David Roberson, Esq., the broker and owner of SVPMG, provides our clients with free legal advice which other property management companies can not match.  Call David today at 1-408-838-5113 for a confidential conversation.




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